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The Holidays and Chocolate Candy!

oreosxmasimgThe holidays are special at Theobroma. Choose a traditional wood basket, holiday gift bucket, or colorful wire sleigh filled with unique sweet treats like Chaco Pop, caramel, or old fashioned popcorn smothered in creamy milk chocolate. Add a hand-dipped candy cane, peanut butter filled Santa, or holiday pop. Or maybe a miniature snowman filled with chocolate mousse, and one of our Molded Chocolate Candy . Prices start under $20.


For a stocking stuffer or party favor, you might choose a reindeer, drum or sleigh filled with chocolates. Put it in one of Theobroma’s own gift bags…or let us do it for you.


holiday-autumn-02Or choose a Granny Smith apple sealed in caramel, then drenched in chocolate. Whether we design it or you design your own, a gift from Theobroma Chocolatier is sure to make your family and friends smile!


For Hanukkah, we have Star of David pops, half-pound chocolate dreidle,Happy Hanukkah coins and of course specially designed baskets and buckets. Local delivery and shipping nationwide.